CRM Software Buyers Guide

We've only found one CRM software buyers guide that is independent, written by CRM software experts and delivers balanced software reviews -which include not just what the applications do well but more so what they don't do well.

The Top CRM list is independently produced and made freely available by Vantive Media does not permit vendor funding, advertising or sponsorship. The content is free of direct or indirect influence by third parties - which is imperative if it is to believed and trusted.

This report and analysis includes several sections, such as:

  • Thorough CRM software reviews and analysis of the Top 10 CRM vendors as measured by market share.
  • Unique capabilities and deficiencies in the key sales, marketing and support software areas.
  • Social CRM advantages and disadvantages for each application.
  • Identification of both the advantages and disadvantages for each CRM solution.
  • The report is clearly not another sugar coated, 'please everybody' marketing collateral.